Upgrading the office garden

  • Responsible Garden Waste Management

    30 November 2016

    If you're planning on doing some long-overdue garden maintenance then you'll no doubt be left with a mass of waste material, lots of which may be organic matter. As part of Australia's Department for the Environment and Energy plan to clean up both urban and rural areas, you can ensure that you do your part by responsibly disposing of waste in a skip, or better still recycle it. You'll be indirectly supporting the Green Army community project initiative, even if you are unable to dedicate your own time to helping them.

  • How To Eradicate Spider Mites From Your Hydroponics System

    22 November 2016

    If you grow fruit and veggies hydroponically, you may find that your plants are attacked by pests from time-to-time.  Spider mites can be a particular nuisance if they get into your grow room, ruining your plants and being very difficult to get rid of.  Here's how to identify and deal with spider mites. Identifying spider mites Spider mites are tiny insects that are notoriously difficult to spot.  The pests are usually cream or red in colour and measure about 1mm in length.